Live TV satellite interview with DC's Fox5 (2010)

Live TV satellite interview with DC’s Fox5 (2010)

A big part of my job with NASA involves science communication, which I think is vitally important.  One component of this is interaction with the media, and I have done numerous live television interviews and interviews for documentaries, as well as features for NASA. I have appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (video), The Discovery ChannelPBS NOVA, Spike TV, The History Channel, Xploration Outer Space, and National Geographic, as well as local television interviews.  I’ve done extensive filming with filmmaker Nathaniel Kahn for ongoing work about JWST.  If you would like to contact me for a media appearance, please email me at amber.n.straughn [at] .  Selected videos appear here, with a full list of my media appearances below.


Interview with Austin NBC affiliate at SXSW (2013)

In 2010, I did my first live TV/satellite interviews, complete with smashing frozen rubber tubing dipped in cryogens on live television!  This clip was on the ‘Ask the Weather Guys’ segment on FOX5, a local DC TV station.  I did 7 other similar interviews that appeared on morning shows across the country.  NASA produced a Feature of a similar video, below:

Milky J, Hubble lover extraordinaire from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, came to Goddard to film a rap video about Hubble and Webb, which was hilarious and one of the most fun days I’ve had at Goddard so far!  This was also my first national prime time TV spot (in the spoof video).  Here’s the video:

In March 2013, we organized a massive public outreach event for Webb at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, TX, which was the most successful outreach event in the project’s history.  This event resulted in multiple media spots locally, nationally, and internationally.  Below is a clip from SpikeTV about Webb (and the crew from Evil Dead, which is kind of awesome!); I’m interviewed starting at 3:23.

Here is another interview I did at SXSW with the Austin ABC affiliate (at 1:42 and 2:11).


I often go back to my home state of Arkansas for speaking engagements.  In the spring of 2014 I did a couple of live TV interviews on the local NBC and ABC affiliates.  Linked here is the interview for the KATV morning show, and below is the interview I did on the KARK noon show which aired across the state:

I have filmed with Hank Green of the vlogbrothers, who is definitely increasing the awesome.  Here is a great video introducing some of the filming we did at Northrop Grumman in April 2012, and a follow-up video on Webb’s awesome mirrors.

BMore Media interviewed several Goddard scientists for a feature on cool new technologies, including Webb!

I was interviewed about the Webb telescope on Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour webcast:

In 2012 we filmed with a production team for the History Channel for JWST called “What’s the Earth Worth”, which aired in late 2012 and was my first appearance on a documentary.

Below is a full list of my media appearances.

Television & Documentaries:

The Discovery Channel ‘Telescope’ (2016):

PBS NOVA special about Hubble’s 25th Anniversary (2015):

The Atlantic (2016):

BBC (2015, Hubble 25th Anniversary):

Xploration Outer Space (2014):

Live TV interview KARK (June 2015): 

Live television interview about JWST on KARK (Arkansas NBC affiliate; 04/2014):

Live television interview about JWST on KATV (Arkansas ABC affiliate; 04/2014):

NatGeo: Series on JWST.  First episode (02/2014):

Fox45 (Baltimore; 01/2014): interview about JWST

SXSW 2013: Spike TV:

SXSW 2013: The Weather Channel

SXSW 2013: KUVE Austin (ABC):

SXSW 2013: KXAN Austin (NBC)

SXSW 2013: KTBC Austin (Fox)

Appearance in The History Channel documentary “What’s the Earth Worth?” (2012)

Three live television interviews for Baltimore FOX45 at JWST Full-Scale Model (2012)

Eight live television/satellite interviews from NASA GSFC for JWST (2010)

Extended appearance in Hubble Gotchu segment on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (2010):

Online Interviews/Appearances:

SCI CODE with Coma Niddy: NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope:

Appearances in JWST videos for Hank Green/vlogbrothers SciShow YouTube series (2013):

This Week @ NASA (03/2013):

NASA FY14 Budget Rollout video (03/2013; at 3:50):

NASA Multimedia Feature: JWST FAQs (2010):

JWST Interview for Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour (2010):

BMore Media interview for JWST (2010):

ASU Promotional DVD (2008): selected to appear in video to discuss graduate studies


ASU Magazine Feature (2013):

Conversations with Goddard Profile (2013):

Women of Goddard Publication (profile, p. 91):

Women of Goddard Hubble Space Telescope poster:

Career Profile: Maryland Business Education Roundtable Be What I Want to Be publication (2010):

Sharing the Excitement of Exploration (NASA APPEL ‘Ask’ Magazine):

Goddard View Volume 8 Issue 2:

Goddard View Volume 8 Issue 1:

Goddard View Volume 7 Issue 7:

Goddard View Volume 7 Issue 2:

Goddard View Volume 6 Issue 9: James Webb Event Fills Visitor Center (cover story & photo):

Goddard View Volume 6 Issue 7: “Milky J” Comes to Goddard to Save Hubble (cover story):

UNCFSP Portal Newsletter Student Highlight (2007)

State of the Universe 2007: dissertation research highlighted in book

Outside Press, Press Releases & Web Features:

Popular Mechanics:

“Finding Earthlike Exoplanets” (IEEE Spectrum, 03/2014):

“NASA’s troubled US$8-billion Hubble successor is back on track” (Nature News, 2014):

“Enduring Quests and Daring Visions: NASA Lays Out a Roadmap for Astrophysics” (01/2014;

“Forget Hubble, 100x more powerful James Webb telescope is getting ready” (Tech Times 01/2014):

“James Webb Space Telescope to Replace Hubble” (French Tribune, 01/2014):

“Telescope’s million mile journey goes through JSC” (Bay Area The Citizen, 12/2013):

“Women To Watch Pushing Back The Final Frontier” (Forbes 10/2013):

“Step aside Bill Nye, Dr. Amber Straughn explains NASA’s Hubble 2.0” (Annapolis Patch, 2013):

“NASA Experts, Exhibits At SXSW Interactive” (03/2014):–lI

“NASA Invites Public To Q&A Session With Women Working On Webb Telescope” (09/2013):–lI

“Goddard Hosts 2013 SISTER Program Students” (07/2013):

“NASA’s Webb Telescope to Have a Texas-Sized Presence at the South by Southwest Festival” (02/2013):

“Swarms of Tiny Galaxies Found Bursting with Star Creation” (The Daily Galaxy, 12/2012):

“New Free e-Books Available about 2 Famous NASA Space Telescopes” (12/2012):

“NASA Astrophysicist Amber Straughn to Discuss The James Webb Space Telescope, March 21” (12/2012):

“NASA’s Hubble Observes Young Dwarf Galaxies Bursting With Stars” (10/2011):

“Even Low-Mass Galaxies Can Harbor Supermassive Black Holes” (09/2011):

“’NASA Gotchu!’: Milky J Pays a Visit” (08/2010):

“News Media Invited to Engaging Evening on Webb Telescope, Stargazing” (08/2010):

“FIRST Among Equals” (10/2009):

“NASA’s New Views of the Universe Exhibit Travels to the Ocean Explorium” (10/2009):

NASA/HST Press release: image of tadpole galaxies (PI: Straughn) selected as one of 15 for HSTs 19th Anniversary Press Release (04/2009):

“Bringing Extragalactic Data Down to Earth” (04/2007):

“Goddard Space Science Is the Place for Awards This Season” (02/2007):

“Monster Black Holes Grow After Galactic Mergers” (PI Straughn; 01/2006):


The Guy’s Spot (Austin, TX; 2013):

Adler Night and Day (2013):

NASA Blueshift: Hubble Scientific Successor (2012):

NASA Education Podcast for Chambliss Award (2007):


Interview/Q&A via Skype with JSCs Media Day participants

Scientific collaboration with alight dance theater for ‘Stargazing’ production:                                           Part 1:                                                                    Part 2: